About What is Nowhere in Particular?

Nowhere in Particular is an online journal about the special places I visit, people that I meet on my way, things I discover and life as different cultures see it.

My name is Natalie. My passport says I am Russian, but it’s merely a piece of paper. I consider myself to be a true citizen of the world, no matter how cliché this sounds

Due to pure luck, I live in Russia, Czech Republic, Montenegro and the UK, Edinburgh, which is my main base

I speak fluently Russian, English, Italian, Serbian and learning French and German. I can write in them too!
I am doing a language degree and not entirely sure what I am going to do with my life afterwards, so for now I just enjoy sharing my thoughts on everything here.

I travel a lot. But I hate being a typical tourist. I prefer to learn as much as possible about the country, absorb its reality, meet the locals and adapt their perception of the world and life.

 I believe in the power of knowledge and think everyone should make an effort to learn more.

 I don’t like the use of the word “weird” unless it means something fucked up or irrational. I don’t like calling other people or countries’ cultures “weird” because I believe their perception of whatever is just different.

I can easily come up to a stranger on the street and start a conversation, no biggie. And so this is what I do in various countries, meeting locals everywhere. Recently I started recording this on video and uploading it onto YouTube and Instagram.

I am nowhere in particular, because I am trying to be a natural part of every unique place i visit, not making my originally received moral and social ideas standard.