The Renaissance

June 24, 2017

Okay, so it’s been almost what, half a year, a year maybe? since I last posted on here, i don’t know. I haven’t posted due to many reasons, including lack of proper traveling and inspiration, but I guess I am back as I am about to travel and get used to new countries. I decided to change the blog slightly and added new pages for easier navigation. Here you go!


TRAVEL: This is where the stories from my actual travels will be. Follow this page to stay updated on my location and movements.

LANGUAGES: I speak 4 languages and learning 2 more. This is a big part of me and here I will be posting some tips on learning languages and reviews of methods or apps for those of you interested in language learning.

ON RUSSIA: I believe, Russia is a hugely misunderstood country. I want to show that some stereotypes are not true and actually there are things that I wish the world learned from Russian culture!

PREHISTORIC: Here are the original posts that I started this blog with. At the time, I put a lot, A LOT of effort into them and even though now I understand that these articles are, quite frankly, SHITE, I just feel sorry to dump them. Therefore, I will keep them nicely archived here 🙂




By Natalie

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